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Simply B2K
Welcome 2 Mah Site Yall!

On this site I'll include everything I know about mah favorite group...B2K!! Now yall kno yall cant hate on talent like dat. B2K is da hottest male group in da US so Ima give dem there props ya kno! If u are a hata of B2K, Jhene,MH, Oryan, IMX and otha ppl in da TUG Camp den im sry dis aint da place 4 u!!!

Hi dis is ur manager Danielle aka NeNe. And in case some of u  didn't notice, im da same danielle dat made! I was sittin down 1day and i was wonderin...Why not take my msn group to da next level? And dats what im doin now. Dis is mah 1st REAL website beside msn groupz so give me a chance and I promise I will make it hott!!  Dis site is made for all B2K, Jhene, and other TUG artist fans! Like i said this  is my first website so plz show me some luv ok!! I really hope you enjoy visiting this group as much as I do making it! I do not know any TUG members so don't come asking if u can get their email address because that is their personal business. This is a fanstie so have fun wit it!  holla


Its ya boyz b2k holla!!

I might include a band line-up like this one in this area:

Omarion: Lead Singer
J-Boog: Singer
Raz-B: Singer
Lil Fizz aka Fizzo: Rappa

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