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Simply B2K

Music is my everything......

On this page I'll list the band's CDs, 7-inches, bootlegs, sampler appearances, and anything else I know about. I'll include a picture of the CD jacket (if I have one), a track list, and my own comments. I'll also include a sample sound file, if I can get my hands on one.

Here's an example of a format I might use for the entries in my discography.

B2K(self titled)

Track List:
1.Gots Ta Be
3.Why I Love You
4. Uh Huh
5. B2K is Hot (skit)
6.B2K is Hot
8.I'm Not Finished
9.Come On
10.Hey Little Lady (interlude)
11.Hey Little Lady
12. Baby Girl
13. Your Girl Chose Me
14. Shorty
15. Feel This Way
16. Last Boyfriend
17. Here We Go Again

I really like their 1st album because it was so hot! It was really original and unique. Though a lot of ppl didn't know who they were, their hot beats and lyrics let the world know dat B2K was da next big thang!

Favorite CD

In this area I'll talk about my favorite CD by B2K, MH, IMX, and othaz. I'll try to explain why I think it's B2K's best cd or 1 of da best and ill explain why

Favorite Song

In this area, I'll talk about my favorite song by B2K, including what I think the song means and why it's so important to me.


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